Quantum Break is a sci-fi action/adventure third-person-shooter video game developed by Remedy Entertainment and published by Microsoft Studios.

We were responsible for the German audio localization, as well as dubbing the Ingame TV series.

“A lot of blood, sweat and tears seem to have gone into Quantum Break. The soundtrack and SFX are top-notch and Quantum Break may have the best German game localization in recent years, on par with current cinema and high quality TV productions.”
– gamezone.de

“It would have been much better to include more audio and video logs, especially since the German dubbing turned out so great. The professional voice acting creates continual tension, giving it the feel of a cinematic movie experience.”
– gameswelt.de

“[Regarding] the German localization… you might think it could only lose when compared with the original US version [but] the German voice talents do a great job transporting the emotions of the Hollywood stars.”
– xboxdynasty.de

“Remedy went all out and hired well-known actors, such as Dominic Monaghan, Lance Reddick, Shawn Ashmore and Marshall Allman, and the German voice talents deliver convincing performances.”
– spieletester.com


Quantum Break


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