Lip Sync Dubbing

Lip Sync Dubbing – OddOne Audio – Waldemarstrasse 24 Berlin

Dubbing is a large part of ​​our sound services.
Whether you want to dub a movie or TV show from another language into German, or even need ADR for your project, we are always at your disposal, competently and friendly.
We work with the best voice talents and dubbing actors and can tailor an offer to your needs.
Whether it’s a real movie, an animated show or a cartoon – short film, feature film or tv series. Whether it’s for a movie or a movie, we’ll be happy to take care of all areas of the dubbing of your project. We cover everything from translation to dialogue, create to the finished mix in stereo or 5.1 (surround) all subareas individually as well as in the overall package.
For dubbing projects we work with ProTools and EdiCue and EdiPrompt. The multi-award winning Taker software has been well established throughout the world and is also used by major Hollywood studios in their productions.
If you use the same software, we can simply exchange and share sessions with your post production.
Depending on your requirements, we can also provide you with a dialogue editor and a studio cutter for your project.
Our live rooms are spacious enough so that we can also hold ensemble events with several speakers and actors at the same time.

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