Video Game Localization

Localization – OddOne Audio – Waldemarstrasse 24 Berlin

By localization, we mainly concerned with the localization of of video games.
We cover all areas of the localization process. From translation to language acquisition to QA. No matter what your source language is, whether it is English, Korean or Chinese, we will be happy to advise and advise you from the inquiry to the implementation of your product for the German and European market.
If you are looking for a budget-oriented accommodation, we will be happy to provide you with the best offer for you.
In the last few years, we have already (and) numerous video game projects. We not only assisted and advised various customers and companies, but also worked together with a large number of freelancers and therefore could also flexibly assemble our team to meet your requirements.
Our technology and delivered quality have always met the most diverse and meticulous requirements of all publishers.
Both Ubisoft, EA, Microsoft or Sony, no matter whether it is a LowBudget or AAA project: we have always met all standards and always deliver the best quality.
Please feel free to contact us and request a quotation. You can also specify how you want to have it broken down. As individual items, or as Euro (dollars) per word. Even with limited information, our experience and know-how and an overview of these areas enable us to state meaningful price guidelines and guidelines.
Besides the localization of computer games, we also localize television broadcasts and TV shows or series.
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