Recording Studio

Recording studio – OddOne Audio – Waldemarstrasse 24 Berlin

Our two sound studios are acoustically treated and perfectly equipped for all audio post projects. In our two control rooms and live rooms, we offer all the services and production services you can expect from a professional sound studio.
Our technology is always up-to-date and we are always on the ball with all hardware and software updates and updates.
Our sound studios are primarily designed for speech recording of all kinds. Through remote recordings such as sessionlinkpro, sourceconnect or skype, we can always connect with other studios or directly with the customer and thus the recordings that take place in our sound studios can be seen from all over the world.
However, we are also looking forward to welcoming you personally and looking after your project in our premises. In our generous management and work rooms and a very pleasant and extremely professional working atmosphere, you can also impress on your customers’ premises.
We rent our studios hours or days. The prices depend on your project and the desired services. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.
We have good contacts with the Berliner Sprecherszene, but also to other sound studios in Cologne, Hamburg or Munich.
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