Audio Post Production

Postproduction – OddOne Audio – Waldemarstraße 24 Berlin

We love movies and we love documentaries. After the film or the documentary has been shot and the editing is finished, the sound, usually composed of Dialogue, music, effects, must be created and mixed. This process is summarised under the term “audio post-production”.
For this, the dialog tracks are cleaned and edited by us and adapted with EQs so that they seamlessly blend into one another. The same is done with the atmo- and effect tracks. Then the music has to be adjusted to the respective scenes and the whole thing must be put into the right relationship. One of the important points in this process, the Loudness standard has to be worked out after. In Europe, this is mainly the EBU recommendation “R-128”. In North America, the “Calm Act / ATSC A / 85” has established a similar standard. In addition, we have to pay attention to which tracks, apart from the full end-mix, still have to be sent to the sender. These may be different combinations of the individual stem groups of the audio mix. For example, an M & E (Music & Effects), or IT (International) version. This version is intended for the international market and does not contain any dialogues which should be re-synchronized or dubbed in different languages.
We, OddOne Audio, offer audio mixes for TV, web and video-on-demand (VOD) as part of our services, in stereo 2.0, 5.1 surround and VR audio (AmbiX, etc.).
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