ADR – OddOne Audio – Waldemarstrasse 24 Berlin

ADR stands for automatic dialogue replacement, or additional dialogue recording.
If you have a project and you notice in the audio post production that you’re are not satisfied with the material you have recorded on the set, you can re-record individual passages or entire projects with us.
The term ADR is also used for the dubbing and synchronization of animés or animation films.
Whether you want to replace the voice of the performer, add emphasis, add extra takes, or change the source language, we will be happy to advise you on your request and request suggestions to actors, speakers, and prizes at any time.
Even if disturbances in the sound signal or disturbing background noise are the decisive reason for you to postpone parts of your film again, we will be glad to help you. We have seen many things and found a solution for each request.
When recording, we can set up a sessionlink or source connect session at any time. This allows you to attend the session from anywhere in the world, giving direct instructions and direct feedback to the speaker or actor.
Our ADR stages and voice booths meet the highest standards, and we have a large selection of large diaphragm, as well as shotgun and lavalier microphones, which we can provide for you on request.
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