Sound Design & VR Mix

Welcome to the ETLviewer, which helps users analyze video and audio surveillance data from outer space to search for extraterrestrial life. While analyzing data, users make an unexpected and shocking discovery.

After identifying exoplanets, modern science is now trying to determine if some can host intelligent life. Could a second Earth exist? Scientists are gathering more and more video and audio data – which is becoming harder and harder to understand at the same time that the chances are increasing. Volunteers are welcome to help analyze data!

World War A: Aliens VR brings you into the thick of things – with the free ARTE360 VR app.
It supplements the new documentary film, World War A: When Aliens Attack, in’s “Night of the Stars” series for 2017.

We did the sound design and the VR (virtual reality) mix for arte.

You can watch the movie here.

Aliens In VR – ARTE360


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