Musik & Sound Design

The title sequence features a surrealistic re-interpretation of an animation pipeline in a distinctive Dutch landscape. The graphic protagonist is the cursor from Apple’s classic OS 9 operating system. The title sequence self-constructs in two-dimensional and three-dimensional landscapes.

Directors/producers: OddOne Directors Duo

Creative developers: Gabriele Matiotti, Kerry Murphy and Peter van de Riet

Music and sound design: OddOne Audio, Berlin

3D art and compositing: Johannes Matsson, Michiel Krop, Tim van der Wiel,
Gabriele Mariotti, Alan Zirpoli and Kerry Murphy

Pre-visualization: Raphaël Bartels, Gabriele Mariotti and Peter van de Riet

2D animation: Rob Wienk and Kerry Murphy

Graphic design: Peter van de Riet

Interns: Floris Kruger, Nick van de Steen and Joyce van Soelen

Special thanks to Leon van Rooij, Maarten Gulickx, BKKC, Circus Family and Will Judge

Playgrounds Festival Titles 2014


Playgrounds Festival

Die Food-Challenge: Lege kopiert Klassiker
Aliens In VR - ARTE360
LeFloid VS The World
11-11: Memories Retold
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