The 37° Docu, titled “Was ich kann, will keiner Wissen” (Nobody wants to know what I’m capable of) is now available on the ZDF Mediathek

It’s tough if you’re over 50 years old and become unemployed – despite the good current economic climate. Too old, not flexible enough, too demanding – these are the biases older people face.

We recorded the voice over narration for this documentary.
Click here to watch it (german).

37° Reportage // ZDF

Was gibt's Neues?


ALIENS VR // Arte360

Our most recent VR Project is now on Arte.tv!

„Aliens VR“ is an addition to the new documentary „Aliens – E.T.s gefährliche Brüder“, which ARTE is premiering as part of the "Night of the Stars".

Click here for more.

KRS-One // Doku

Whoop Whoop, that's the sound of the police!

Krs-One was at the studio to be interviewed for a docu series.

Construction of Studio 2

Our second studio is finally finished and ready to be used! Neumann KH120 Monitoring, Pro Tools HD, Apollo Quad, Neumann U87 and a new Mac Pro aka The Trash Can. Sweet!
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