Venturing into all-things-audio,

with a special focus on music production, sound design and voice-over production, we also offer a complete package of high quality design, film and motion graphics handled by our OddOne Motion Graphics partners in Amsterdam / Eindhoven.

Add to that a modern purpose-built recording studio - located in the heart of Berlins vibrant Kreuzberg district - and the experienced staff that can help with whatever your project needs. Seriously, there is nothing that could possibly keep you from shooting us an email.

Please acknowledge that we are currently not offering any internships.


Whether you need a beautiful film score, dirty indie rock or slick electronica.

Realistic soundscapes that breath new life into your movies or abstract, dark and mysterious atmospheres that make the viewers turn in their seats.

We write, play, record, mix and master a variety of musical styles and genres, as well as create custom sound design, all tailored to your specific needs.


Whether it's old and raspy, young and dynamic, funny or serious.

With over 500 Voice Actors in our database, we'll find exactly the right talent for your project.

We conduct the castings, book the actors, record, edit & mix and deliver even on the tightest of schedules.

Additionally we provide audio editing and mixing services, that comply with the current R128 EBU standard.


In the past 6 Years, we have been involved in the localization processes of over 40 video game titles. Ranging from AAA Games to Free-to-Play titles.

This enabled us to handle the entire audio production in a professional and efficient manner.

Be it finding the right voice talents, planning the production, scheduling the recordings and delivering the files in the desired format.

We have worked for

ProSiebenSat1 | 2018Eindhoven Cultural Capital | ZDF | Gro Design | Bayer | MU Gallery | Deutsche Telekom AG | TU/e | PayPal, Inc | GIZ | Celanese Corporation | Rugby Division | DMT | Philips | Grasshopper Club Zürich | FiletFilm GmbH | European Film Awards | Apartment Blue Factory | Story House Productions |
OnNet Europe | FilmTank | Budweiser | Vodafone | Dutch Design Week | KKLD* | Zentralnorden | 10hoch16 | Red Bull | ARD | Volkswagen AG | Smithsonian Channel | SPIEGEL TV | RTL 2 | BMW AG and many more...